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Gimnastics for Pregnants

Feel comfortable throughout pregnancy exercise programs carried out by a physiotherapist.
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Postnatal Gimnastics

Postnatal Gymnastics includes Pilates type exercises, such as stretching and slow elongation, with a normal breathing rhythm, performed in a state of physical, emotional and mental relaxation, with an overall regenerating and stress reducing effect. 
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Gimnastics in 2 (mother and baby)

ProMAMA gives you the most pleasant fun method to regain your shapes: Gymnastics with your baby. What other method of exercising can give you more joy than the gymnastics for two? You and the baby!
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Relaxation Massage for Pregnants

Relaxation, rest, wellness, leisure, stimulation, oxygenation, recreation, trust, calmness, quiet, relief … all these in one massage session.
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Therapeutic Massage (for the whole family)

More than a just a simple massage, the therapeutic massage is a real healing technique! Offered by an alternative therapy specialist, nationaly and internationaly certified, the therapeutic massage is focused on solving existing problems or preventing new ones.

We can also use essential oils - known for their healing properties - for a complete experience. They can also be used during pregnancy.


Limphatic Drainage (for the whole family)

Limphatic drainage is used for stimulating the limphatic circulation, enhancing detox of the organism.



Cranio-Sacral Therapy (for the whole family)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a very gentle and non-invasive complementary therapy, consisting in soft touch. The manipulation of the fascia membranes stimulates the self-healing of the body.



Massage for Inducing Labor


Postnatal Massage 

The POSTNATAL massage can begin a few days after childbirth and helps you with rapid reduction in centimeters (through the quick elimination of excess fat) in order to regain your body from before the pregnancy. It also has benefits for muscle strengthening for the abdomen and back or reducing the back pain.



Relaxation Massage (for the whole family)




Raindrop Technique

Inspired from the old indian and tibetan healers, is a revolutionary techinique which combines reflexotherapy and presopuncture - VITAFLEX - (vitality through reflexes) made on foot and along the spine, using 9 essential oils in "rain-drops".



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