Maybe you want to find out accurate information about birth, breastfeeding, starting solids or natural therapies for you and your baby. Or, perhaps, whether you are pregnant or already a mother, you and baby want to maintain your health and tone through gym, dance and massage. At ProMAMA, you’ll find services and advice from internationally certified experts for all aspects of motherhood. We invite you to look over our workshops and services and to contact us for any details.


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Lamaze, Breastfeeding, Childcare, First-Aid, Starting Solids etc.

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Counseling and Consultancy

in Breastfeeding (at the clinic / home / on-line), in Childcare, Starting Solids.

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Health and Relaxation

Massage, Gym and Alternative Therapies for pregnant moms, moms and the entire family.

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Babies and Kids Club

Massage, Gym, Aqua-Gym, Gym in 2 (mum and baby), other activities

Articles & News

Cele mai importante mituri în alimentația copiilor, demontate

by Sorana Muresan

Posted at dote14:54, 14 Oct 2017

Alimentatia copilului, de la nastere la 3 ani

by Sorana Muresan

Posted at dote11:44, 26 Sep 2017

Hiperlactatia sau "am PREA MULT lapte"

by Sorana Muresan

Posted at dote15:52, 29 Aug 2017

Mami, da-mi sa mananc CE, CAT si CAND vreau!

by Sorana Muresan

Posted at dote13:08, 3 Aug 2017

Internationally certified experts guide through the wonderful experience of motherhood

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